• The submission deadline for the short story contest  is midnight, January 27th, 2015.
  • The entry fee is $20 (includes a free copy of the Spring 2015 Issue).
  • You may submit one story per contest entry fee and it must be 5000 words or less. There is no limit on the number of entries per person.
  • $500 will be awarded to the winner and publication in the Spring 2015 Issue. $200 will be awarded to the runner-up story and publication in the Spring 2015 Issue.
  • A blind reading of all entries will be conducted by a panel of Literacy Moments readers, who will select 12 short stories as finalists.
  • Close friends and students (current & former) of the finalist judge are not eligible to compete. Nor are close friends or family of the Literacy Moments staff.
  • Winners will be announced in the Spring Issue, March 2015.
  • We will be notifying all entrants of submission status in February, 2015.
  • Please include your name, bio, and any contact info from the file that you submit.
  • We are simply looking for good stories, and there are no restrictions on the subject matter or content for submissions. 

Please Note: Literacy Moments Magazine adheres to the following Contest Code of Ethics, as adopted by the Council of Literary Presses and Magazines. “CLMP’s community of independent literary publishers believes that ethical contests serve our shared goal: to connect writers and readers by publishing exceptional writing. We believe that intent to act ethically, clarity of guidelines, and transparency of process form the foundation of an ethical contest. To that end, we agree to 1) conduct our contests as ethically as possible and to address any unethical behavior on the part of our readers, judges, or editors; 2) to provide clear and specific contest guidelines — defining conflict of interest for all parties involved; and 3) to make the mechanics of our selection process available to the public. This Code recognizes that different contest models produce different results, but that each model can be run ethically. We have adopted this Code to reinforce our integrity and dedication as a publishing community and to ensure that our contests contribute to a vibrant literary heritage.” 

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Why Should You Read?


Reading is actually a way of achieving fast thinking, good judgment and of being more educated. Here are 10 reasons why you should read, regardless if you have read before or not.

Reason #1: Sometimes you get so bored, you can't find anything to do, your friends are out of town etc. What do you do then? Most probably, you watch TV or surf the Internet for a good web page to lose yourself in. In short, wasting your time, becoming even more bored. Instead of hours passing by without any real benefit, try reading a book from which you could learn something, that contains some history, geography or facts of life.

Reason #2: Have you ever stayed out of a conversation because you had absolutely no idea who Faust is? It's pretty embarrassing and people do notice. Of course, "Faust" is not the first book you should read, but step by step, you'll get there in no time!

Reason #3: A classic: your girlfriend has asked you to write her a love letter/love poem and you are totally clueless how you should start. Or finish. Or anything, for that matter. What should you do? Open a poetry book with poems about love. Don't use the first two lines you notice that sound good. You should find something that suits you. It would be a lot easier if you had previously read more, so that you knew where to get inspired from, wouldn't it?

Reason #4: How did that go? "He who laughs last..." You can't remember! Reading not only improves your memory, but you find more witty things to say.

Reason #5: Books contain the experience of their authors; maybe the author has gone through something similar with you and he has a solution, or maybe you could prevent something bad from happening.

Reason #6: Even if not consciously, you admire people who have a vast vocabulary and know how to use it. By reading, your vocabulary expands and so does your ability to form harmonious sentences. Without any real effort.

Reason #7: When you feel down, you need to escape this world and all the problems you have. There is nothing better for this than a book, in which you lose yourself and become a superstar, a mermaid, a pirate etc. I know this sounds cheesy, but try it and you will realize I'm right. Your mind and soul will feel free.

Reason #8: It is cheaper than other activities. If you get bored, you go and watch a movie at the cinema, eat out, go shopping etc. A book costs far less and keeps you occupied for some time. You have the option of ebooks, which are a lot cheaper and more accessible. Of course, there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" about the smell of a new book. You can buy cheaper books from their owners, borrow from your friends or get a library card.

Reason #9: You can impress someone with what you learned. Good looks are important too, but it is even more important to be able to have a pleasant conversation with the person you like. Your personality and mind define you.

Reason #10: It's interesting to learn how the great minds of this world thought - if you're lucky, you'll be able to find your flaws and correct them.

So my advice is pick up a book - an easy one at first - and start reading. You just might like it! But keep in mind that everyone has a favorite genre, so if you don't like that book, it probably isn't the right one for you. Go to a bookstore and read a few pages before you buy it.


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Feature Author: Holli Anderson of “FIVE: Out of the Dark”

Five teenagers who've recently discovered they have magical powers and are living in the Seattle underground feel it's their responsibility to protect unsuspecting humans from otherworldly foes. Things are going well until Johnathan, their unofficial leader and the boy sixteen year old Paige is in love with, is bitten by a changeling - the venomous saliva causing him to metamorphose into a ravening beast with each full moon. Paige vows that, no matter the cost, she will find a way to cure Johnathan of the evil that has embedded itself in his soul. Johnathan's monthly transformation and daily personality roller coaster isn't the only problem they have to deal with. The Five are also gearing up to face their toughest and most dangerous enemy yet-a powerful and ruthless Warlock who will go to any means, including high school, to build his Dark Army.

Holli Anderson discovered her joy of writing during a very trying period in her life when escaping into make-believe saved her.

Purchase her book TODAY at…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

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